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Photo Editing

Client: Acroprint Project: Update Product Images Overview: A picture is worth a thousand words… cliche, but not wrong. Images, especially product images can be the difference between a customer and a passerby. Below are examples of images I updated for Acroprint. One of the first steps in updating the company’s marketing material and online presence. […]
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Product Catalog

Client: Acroprint Project: Product Catalog Overview: Almost as important as your product images, a clean, modern easy to follow catalog is imperative to a potential customer’s experience. A great way to educate clients on what you offer and why they should hire or buy from you. inDesign, photoshop
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No Good Deeds – CD layout

Client: Blister Project: CD Design Overview: A CD layout befitting a 20 year underground punk career after the tragic loss of a member. An album laced with social commentary of the world today, the band wanted a cover that seemed clean, but dangerous. A timely cover released just prior to the coverage of America’s opioid […]
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Amazon Mfg Section

Client: Acroprint Project: Amazon Manufacturer Section Overview: Acroprint needed to completely update their product images and their “from the manufacturer” section for all of their products
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Product Launch – ProPunch

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Design – Divine Influence

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Store Display – Acroprint

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